春日巴黎 Paris in the Spring Time


春日巴黎 Paris in the Spring Time

I was in the garden tending my roses one spring day when Dan got down on his knees and asked me to marry him. I told him to ask me again in three months. After all, we had had our ups and downs, and I wasn't sure either of us was ready for that type of commitment.


Three months came and went. He didn't ask again, and we cautiously went on as before, practicing with renewed commitment the fine art of relationship.


That winter we began planning a spring trip to Paris. I didn't quite know why, but my heart and soul were crying for Paris, and I'd always had a strong desire to experience that city with Dan. Now that desire was being fulfilled.


Paris was incredible! Having been fluent in French 20 years earlier, I quickly became Dan's translator. My French was a disaster, but since Dan hardly spoke a word of it, he thought it was perfect. He never tired of hearing me trying to apologize to waiters for slaughtering their exquisite language, or attempting to order something I'd be able to recognize when it arrived at the table.


Romance was in the air everywhere we went, and Dan was constantly asking me how to say things in French like “kiss” and “give me your hand” and “I love you”. We boated on the Seine, walked along tree-lined boulevards for hours, drank coffee at sidewalk cafés, and fell deeply in love all over again.


One evening, after we had just been seated in a small, quaint restaurant, Dan leaned toward me and asked, “How do you say ‘will you marry me?' in French?” I told him I wasn't sure, but I thought it would be, Veux-tu me marier?“Veux-tu me marier?” he repeated.

一天晚上,我们刚刚在一个小巧而装饰精致的饭馆里坐下后,丹向我这边侧过身来问我:“用法语怎么说‘你愿意嫁给我吗?'”我告诉他我也不大清楚,不过我想应该是‘Veux-tu me marier’?”

“Honey, that's great!” I said. “Your pronunciation is really getting good!”


“No,” he said emphatically. “Veux-tu me marier?” And he pushed a small velvet box across the table.

“其实也没有,”他强调着说,“Veux-tu me marier?”然后他沿着桌面把一个天鹅绒盒子推向了我。

I opened the box and saw two beautiful rings—an engagement and a wedding ring—and it dawned on me what was happening. As tears rolled down my face, all the waiters came rushing over to stand around the table, fussing over us and exclaiming how wonderful it was. They were still taking photographs of us when I looked at Dan and finally said, “Oui, cheri!”




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