1.2019 • 福建More and more people have realized that clear water and green mountains are as __________ as mountains of gold a and silver.

  1. central B. special C. valuable

2.2019 •兰州市)How __________ it rained yesterday! We had to cancel our football match.

  A heavily B. light C. heavy D. lightly

3.2019 •安徽省—The 5G technology can help doctors treat patients who are hundreds of kilometers away.

  — It’s really __________.

  1. secret B. direct C. amazing D. traditional

4.2019 •安徽省I came to school __________ this morning because it was my turn to clean our classroom.

  1. early B. slowly C. quietly D. suddenly

5.2019 •山东滨州市The artist is so __________ that he can make different changing pictures with sand.

  1. common B. careless C. creative D. helpful

6.2019 •山东滨州市—Confucius Institute(孔子学院) has been set up in many other countries.

  —Yes, Chinese is __________ spoken in those countries. I am proud of that as a Chinese.

  1. hardly B. widely C. never D. seldom

7.2019 •江西省)Peter spoke so __________ that I could hardly hear him.

  1. loudly B. quietly C. clearly D. patiently

8.2019 •江苏省连云港市)While watching the film yesterday, I couldn’t stop laughing at some __________ moments.

  1. humorous B. challenging C. dangerous D. surprising

9.2019 •山东省青岛市)My brother has a healthy living habit. He __________ stays up late, and he is an early bird.

  1. usually B. hardly C. often D. always

10.2019 •江苏省苏州市)Could you speak in a loud voice so that I can hear you __________?

  1. quickly B. happily C. slowly D. clearly

11.(2019 •江苏省泰州市How about the fruit salad?

   Yummy! It tastes very __________. By the way, who made it?

  1. good B. bad C. well D. badly

12.(2019 •浙江省温州市Betty felt so tired last night that she ____________ fell asleep in bed after lying down.

  1. recently B. suddenly C. frequently D. immediately

13.(2019 •湖北省武汉市Why not ask Bob to join us in the trip to the zoo tomorrow?

   Everyone in our group loves animals, but he always seems                  .

  1. anxious B. personal C. cruel D. careless

14.(2019 •甘肃省敦煌市I could __________ control my feelings at the moment. The movie reminds me of my childhood.

  1. really B. nearly C. slowly D. hardly

15.(2019 •湖北省孝感市How do you like this plan?

   __________ It’s just what I’ve been expecting.

  1. Perfect. B. Terrible. C. Meaningless. D. Awful.

16.(2019 •江苏省宿迁市Santaishan Forest Park is __________ beautiful that it has become a hot tourist attraction.

  1. so B. very C. such D. quite
  2. 17.(2019 •重庆市B卷Lisa made so many mistakes in her homework, because she didn’t do it__________ 
  3. carefully B. busily C. quickly D. warmly

18.(2019 •重庆市A卷You’d better leave __________, or trouble will come to you.

  1. lively B. friendly C. heavily D. quickly

19.(2019 •河北)Ken was __________ late for school. The bell rang right after he entered the classroom.

  1. still                        B. always                   C. already                   D. almost

20.(2019 •深圳市)Sarah seems to be confident about her performance tomorrow.

   So she is. She’s gotten prepared for it.

  1. sorry B. famous C. ready

21.(2019 •深圳市)I like country music. It’s really exciting. What about you?

   I prefer electronic music. It’s becoming more and more __________.

  1. popular B. comfortable C. boring
  2. (2019 •山西省)When we read a piece of news online, we’d better make sure it’s __________before sending it to others. If not, we may spread something bad.
  3. true B. special C. strange

23.(2019 •山西省)Our motherland’s 70th birthday is coming.

   Great! We will hold many activities to celebrate it __________.

  1. wisely B. warmly C. simply

24.(2019 •河南省中考)—You don’t like British breakfast, do you?

   —Not __________. I just need some time to get used to it.

  1. more B. only C.truly D. exactly

25.(2019 •哈尔滨市—Whats the weather like in summer here?

   —It’s hot. Sometimes it rains __________.

  1. clearly B. heavily C. carefully


  1. 江苏省南京市鼓楼区2019年九年级中考二模—Jenny, what’s happened to you? You seem a bit angry.

—Bad luck. I was walking across the street when a car __________ hit me.

  1. nearly B. mainly C. hardly D. mostly
  2. 天津市北辰区2019年初中毕业生学业考试英语模拟—Why is your mother so happy?

—Because my brother __________ bowed to her and said sorry for his bad action.

  1. hardly B. nearly C. politely D. loudly
  2. 天津市南开区2018-2019学年度九年级第二学期三模She spoke__________ so that everyone could write down what she said.
  3. safely B. quickly C. slowly D. friendly
  4. 山东青岛市集团校联考2019年初中学生学业水平模拟考试When you visit a foreign country, it is important to know how to ask for help__________.
  5. wisely B. lately C. widely D. politely
  6. 天津市滨海新区2019年初中毕业生学业考试英语模拟—I’m really__________ when I speak English in class.

—Take it easy. You’re the best.

  1. nervous B. surprised C. comfortable D. confident
  2. 天津市滨海新区2019年初中毕业生学业考试英语模拟They cheered us on__________ and we felt more confident to win the game.
  3. angrily B. loudly C. suddenly D. slowly
  4. 江苏省徐州市2019届九年级第二次模拟考试—What’s your cousin like?

—She is __________. She never forgets the things she needs to do.

  1. organized B. generous C. energetic D. curious
  2. 吉林省长春市东北师大附中明珠校区2019届初三年级第二次综合测试After winning the match, the players were so excited that they could__________ speak.
  3. probably B. hardly C. really D. clearly
  4. 福建厦门2019年初中毕业班教学质量检测My good friend always listens__________ and gives me some advice.
  5. directly B. carefully C. quickly
  6. 江苏省江阴市澄要片2019年5月中考模拟We felt sorry when we learnt that the rhinos’ horns(犀牛角) were cut off while they were still__________.
  7. live B. lively C. lovely D. alive



  1. C【解析】考查形容词词义辨析。central 中心的;special 特别的;valuable 有价值的。题意为 "越来越多的人意识到绿水青山就是金山银山",故选C。
  2. A【解析】考查副词词义辨析。句意:昨天雨下得多大啊!我们不得不取消足球比赛。A. heavily大量地,副词;B. light轻的,形容词;C. heavy重的,形容词;D. lightly轻微地,副词。由句中的rained可知,应该用副词来修饰,排除B/C;又根据We had to cancel our football match. 我们不得不取消足球比赛。说明雨下的很大,因此排除D。故选C。
  3. C【解析】考查形容词词义辨析。句意:——5G技术能帮助医生治疗远在几百公里以外的病人。——这真的太令人吃惊了。secret秘密的;direct直接的;amazing令人吃惊的;traditional传统的。根据句意help doctors treat patients who are hundreds of kilometers away.可知,这是非常令人惊讶的,故应选C。
  4. A【解析】考查副词词义辨析。句意:今天早上我很早就来到学校,因为轮到我打扫我们的教室。early早地;slowly慢地;quietly安静地;suddenly突然地。根据句意because it was my turn to clean our classroom.轮到我打扫教室,故应来得比较早,选A。
  5. C【解析】考查形容词词义辨析。句意:这位艺术家是如此有创造力,他可以用沙子创作出不同的变化画面。考查形容词辨析。A. 普通的;B. 粗心的;C. 有创造性的;D. 有用的。so +形容词/副词+ that引导结果状语从句,can表示,根据he can make different changing pictures with sand可知so creative符合句意,故选C。
  6. B【解析】考查副词词义辨析。句意:——孔子学院已经在许多国家建立起来了。——是的, 中文在这些国家被广泛地使用。作为一个中国人,我为此感到自豪。考查副词辨析。A. 几乎不,表否定;B. 广泛地;C. 从不,表否定;D. 很少地,表否定。根据上文Confucius Institute (孔子学院) has been set up in many other countries.和下文I am proud of that as a Chinese.可知ACD三项意思都不合句意,故选B。
  7. B【解析】考查副词词义辨析句意:彼得说话如此的小,以至于我几乎不能听到他。根据loudly大声地; quietly悄悄地; clearly清楚地,patiently有耐心地;根据I could hardly hear him.可知是悄悄地;所以选B。
  8. A【解析】考查形容词词义辨析。句意:昨天当我在看电影时,在一些幽默的时刻我禁不住地笑了。A.幽默的;B.具有挑战性的;C.危险的;D.惊奇的。根据I couldnt stop laughing我禁不住地笑了可知,表示在一些幽默的时刻,故选A。
  9. B【解析】考查副词词义辨析。句意:我哥哥有一个健康的生活习惯。他几乎不熬夜,而且是早起的人。A. usually通常;B. hardly几乎不;C. often经常;D. always总是。健康的生活习惯应该是不熬夜,故答案为B。
  10. D【解析】考查副词辨析。句意:你能大声点说话吗,这样我就能听清楚了? A. quickly迅速地;B. happily高兴地;C. slowly缓慢地;D. clearly清晰地。so that以至于,表目的;根据Could you speak in a loud voice可知clearly符合句意,故选D。
  11. A【解析】考查形容词副词词义辨析。句意:——水果沙拉怎么样?——好极了!味道很好。顺便问一下,是谁做的?A. good好的,形容词;B. bad坏的,差的,形容词;C. well好的,副词;当"身体好"讲时,是形容词;D. badly坏的,副词。本题的tastes是系动词,因此后面应该跟形容词,排除D;根据答语Yummy! 好极了!可知,应该是好吃,因此选项B不对;本题是指水果沙拉好吃,因此选项C不符合语境。故选A。
  12. D【解析】考查副词词义辨析。句意:Betty昨晚感觉太累了,以至于她躺在床上后很快就睡着了。考查副词辨析。A. recently最近;B. suddenly突然地;C. frequently频繁地;D. immediately很快、立刻。根据Betty felt so tired last night,Betty昨晚感觉太累了,可知她应该是躺在床上后很快就睡着了,所以immediately符合语境,故答案选D。
  13. C【解析】考查形容词词义辨析。句意:——为什么不让鲍勃加入明天去动物园的旅行?——我们组内的每个人都爱动物,但是他看起来很残忍"。A. 焦虑的;B. 个人的;C. 残忍的;D. 粗心的。根据Everyone in our group loves animals可知,每个人都喜欢动物,但是他看起来比较残忍,故选C。
  14. D【解析】考查副词词义辨析。句意"此刻我几乎不能控制我的情绪,这个电影让我想起了我的童年"。A.真地;B.差不多,几乎;C.慢慢地;D.几乎不。根据句意可知,表示我几乎不能控制自己的情绪,故选D。
  15. A【解析】考查形容词词义辨析。句意:——你觉得这个计划怎么样?——很完美。它正是我所期待的。A. 完美的;B. 可怕的;C. 毫无意义的;D. 糟糕的。根据答语Its just what Ive been expecting.可知后面三项意思不合句意,故选A。
  16. A【解析】考查副词词义辨析。句意:三台山森林公园是如此美丽,它已经成为一个热门的旅游景点。考查副词辨析。so/such that是固定结构,表示"如此以至于",引导结果状语从句,可排除B、D两项;so修饰形容词或副词,such修饰名词或名词性短语。本句beautiful(漂亮的)是形容词,需用so修饰;根据句意结构和语境,可知选A。
  17. A【解析】考查副词词义辨析。句意:丽莎在作业中犯了很多错误,因为她做得不够仔细。A. carefully认真地,仔细地;B. busily容易地;C. quickly快速地;D. warmly热情地。结合语境可知,因丽莎做题不够认真而导致出现了大量的错误,故答案为A。
  18. D【解析】考查副词词义辨析。结合空格前后内容可推知,此处指你最好赶快离开,否则麻烦会找上你。
  19. D【解析】考查副词词义的辨析。由The bell rang right after he entered the classroom可知铃声正好是在他

进入教室之后响的,所以是差点迟到。A、B、C选项分别为仍然、总是、和已经,只有D "几乎" 符合题意,故选D。

  1. C【解析】考查形容词词义辨析。句意:——莎拉似乎对她明天的表演很有信心。——是的。她已经准备好了。prepared,形容词,意为"事先准备好的";A 选项 sorry,意为"抱歉的,遗憾的";B 选项 famous, 意为"著名的";C 选项 ready,意为"准备好的"。故答案选 C。
  2. A【解析】考查形容词词义辨析。句意:——我喜欢乡村音乐。它令人兴奋。你呢?。——我更喜欢电子音乐。它现在越来越受欢迎了。A 选项 popular,意为"受欢迎的";B 选项 comfortable,意为"舒适的";C 选项 boring,意为"无聊的"。故答案选 A。
  3. A【解析】考查形容词辨析。句意:当我们在网上读一些信息的时候,我们最好确保它是真的在把它发


  1. B【解析】考查副词词义辨析。句意:祖国母亲的 70 岁生日要来了。 很棒!我们会举办很多的活动去热烈庆祝它。
  2. A【解析】副词词义辨析。句意:——你不喜欢英国早餐,是吗?——不全是。我只是需要一些时间来适应。A. more更多地;B. only仅仅;C. truly真正地;D. exactly准确地,not exactly"不全是,不准确",故选D
  3. B【解析】指雨下得很大,用副词heavily来修饰rain。


  1. A【解析】考查副词辨析。句意:——珍妮,你怎么了?你看起来有点生气。——坏运气。我过马路时,一辆汽车差点撞到我。A. nearly差一点,几乎;B. mainly主要地;C. hardly几乎不;D. mostly大多数地。结合句意,故选A。
  2. C【解析】句意:——为什么你的母亲这么高兴?——因为我的哥哥礼貌地对她鞠躬,并且为他的错误行为而道歉。hardly几乎不,nearly几乎,politely礼貌地,loudly大声地。根据bowed to her可知此处表示礼貌地鞠躬,故选C。
  3. C【解析】句意:她说得很慢,以便每个人都能把她说的话写下来。A. safely完全地;B. quickly快速地;
  4. slowly慢慢地;D. friendly友好的。结合语境,只有慢慢地说,每个人才能把她说的话写下来,故答案为C。
  5. D【解析】句意:当你参观一个外国的国家时,知道怎样有礼貌地求助是非常重要的。wisely明智地;lately最近;widely广泛地;politely有礼貌地。根据句意ask for help和常识可知,求助时应注意礼貌,故应选D。
  6. A【解析】考查形容词辨析。句意:——我在课堂上讲英语的时候真的很紧张。——放轻松。你是最好的。A. 紧张的;B. 惊讶的;C. 舒适的;D. 自信的。根据回答Take it easy.可知nervous符合句意,故选A。
  7. B【解析】考查副词辨析。句意:他们大声为我们加油,我们感到更有信心赢得比赛。A. 愤怒地;B. 大声地;C.突然;D. 慢慢地。根据They cheered us on可知是大声加油,故选B。
  8. A【解析】句意:——你表姐是什么样的人?——她很有条理。她从不忘记她需要做的事情。考查形容词辨析。A. 有条理的;B. 慷慨的;C. 精力充沛的;D. 好奇的。根据She never forgets the things she needs to do.可知她做事有条理,故选A。
  9. B【解析】句意:在赢得这场比赛之后,这些运动员们如此兴奋以至于他们几乎不能说话了。probably可能;hardly几乎不;really真的;clearly清楚地。根据句意so excited that…可知,太激动不能说话,故选B。
  10. B【解析】考查副词辨析。句意:我的好朋友总是认真听,给我一些建议。directly直接地;carefully认真地;quickly快速地;根据and gives me some advice可知AC两项不合句意,故选B。
  11. D【解析】句意:当我们得知犀牛活着时被砍掉犀牛角,我们都感到抱歉。live活的,作定语;lively活泼的, alive活着的,作表语或后置定语;lovely可爱的。根据we felt sorry可知我们感到抱歉,应是在犀牛活着的时候,切掉犀牛角。作为系动词were的表语,故用alive。故选D。
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