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大学英语作文 篇1

You may feel that college life is boring. We don’t know how to deal with the plenty of spare time. But I think the college life will become wonderful as long as you make it meaningful.

In your spare time, you could play basketball, football and so on. Doing sports is very interesting and good for your health.

In fact, you can do anything which you are interested in.Do not be nervous.We are friends.

Studying in college is a brand new start of our life.You can continue to study hard for the better scords. Libary is a good place for students to study in. If you want to show your talents and skills you can join in all kinds of activities.

In a word,college life is wonderful!






大学英语作文 篇2

Recently, some cities are considering 主题词, which has raised people’s concern.

Some people say that 观点一. And 继续阐述观点一. For example, 此处可举一个常见的例子,更具有说服力. However, some others are opposed to the idea. They argue that 观点二. Besides, there are 继续阐述观点二 , for example, 举与观点二相关的例子.

As far as I am concerned, I’m against the 不赞同的观点. because 原因, and 原因. I believe we should 做法. I think we all have responsibility to….

大学英语作文 篇3

Currently,the frequent job-hopping of graduates has aroused wide concern among the public. Does anyone hold the same attitude toward this phenomenon? Definitely not. As to this issue, opinions vary from person to person.

Those who hold the opinion that job-hopping is beneficial to graduates claim that by doing so, the youngsters are more likely to have a better knowledge of (更了解)other fields and then to expand their horizons(开阔视野). Moreover,changing jobs frequently offers workers a chance to move up to a better position(到更好的工作岗位). However, others take a totally different view that job-hopping is detrimental to ones career development. For one thing, as the common saying goes,a rolling stone gathers no moss. The more frequent you change your job, the less likely you are to be an expert in a particular area.(在某个特定的领域) Secondly, this behavior will leave on the employers an impression of (给雇主留下印象)instability and immaturity(不稳定和不成熟). It is no wonder that ,when interviewing a candidate, a employer will raise a question (提问) likeyouve changed jobs quite frequently. How do we know youll stay if we hire you?

大学英语作文 篇4


1、It is high time that we put an end to the (trend). 该是我们停止这一趋势的时候了。

“It is high time” 打头,为该句增色。注:that 后跟虚拟语气,后跟动词的一般过去式,表示“是某人做……的时候了”或者“是某人不做……的时候了”

2、It is time to take the advice of … and to put special emphasis on the improvement of … 该是采纳……的建议,并对……的进展给予非常重视的.时候了。

去掉一个”high”,画风完全不一样,不用过去式,只需用”to do”来替代。

3、There is no doubt that enough concern must be paid to the problem of … 毫无疑问,对……问题应予以足够的重视。

“there is no doubt that”+被动还是蛮经典的组合。

4、Obviously,…. If we want to do something… , it is essential that… 显然,如果我们想做某事,我们需要……

这句有些老生常谈,稍微不“常”的就是”essential” 替代了”important”。

5、Only in this way can we… 只有这样,我们才能…


6、It must be realized that… 我们必须意识到…

把人人都会的”I realized”升格为被动语态,省略了主语,监考老师绝对会眼前一亮的!

大学英语作文 篇5

I have a happy family. There are my father, mother and a lovely me at home.

My father is tall and likes to wear casual clothes. He is the most handsome one in my mind. Dad works very busy, often on business, not at home, every time he came back, he immediately picked me up, looked and looked, kissed and kissed, the beard on the face always made me itch. He is still a good father who has made mistakes. Dad is very kind. He not only loves me very much, but also loves the other children in our corridor. Father usually likes to read newspapers, even before going to bed.

Mother skinny white, long hair, her blue vest particularly in spirit. She is not only my mother, but also my bosom friend! We also gave each other a nickname, mother called “confused insect”, because she sometimes confused, so I always call her “confused.””. My mother called me “copycat”, because I always love behind her ass. Every time I play the piano, she will supervise me very carefully. Every time I check my homework, she will check it carefully. My mother is very strict with me in my study.

I’m the youngest member of my family, and the most naughty one. Eating like a little tiger, sleeping like a little dead dog, playing and forgetting to go home, like a wild rabbit”. Although I have many shortcomings, but I also have many advantages. I am lively and cheerful, enthusiastic, and like father, love, like to help others.

This is my family, a very happy and happy family. Welcome to my home.

大学英语作文 篇6

It is curious that our own offenses should seem so much less heinous than the offenses of others. I suppose the reason is that we know all the circumstances that have occasioned them and so manage to excuse in ourselves what we cannot excuse in others. We turn our attention away from our own defects, and when we are forced by untoward events to consider them, find it easy to condone them. For all I know we are right to do this; they are part of us and we must accept the good and bad in ourselves together.


But when we come to judge others, it is not by ourselves as we really are that we judge them, but by an image that we have formed of ourselves fro which we have left out everything that offends our vanity or would discredit us in the eyes of the world. To take a trivial instance: how scornful we are when we catch someone out telling a lie; but who can say that he has never told not one, but a hundred?


There is not much to choose between men. They are all a hotchpotch of greatness and littleness, of virtue and vice, of nobility and baseness. Some have more strength of character, or more opportunity, and so in one direction or another give their instincts freer play, but potentially they are the same. For my part, I do not think I am any better or any worse than most people, but I know that if I set down every action in my life and every thought that has crossed my mind, the world would consider me a monster of depravity. The knowledge that these reveries are common to all men should inspire one with tolerance to oneself as well as to others. It is well also if they enable us to look upon our fellows, even the most eminent and respectable, with humor, and if they lead us to take ourselves not too seriously.


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