mean to do 打算做什么

mean doing 意味着什么

remain 不及物动词,一般都是主语+remain+to+动词




· A few flowers still remained on the tree。


· A lot remains to be done。


· There remained just a little money, what was to be done?


· You may have the remaining ones。


1. 作系动词,意为”保持;仍然是”,其后通常接以下词或结构作表语。?

① 名词?

The labor shortage remained a problem. 劳动力短缺仍然是个问题。?

② 形容词?

Three out of four of them remained single. 他们之中四分之三的人仍是单身。?

③ 过去分词?

In fact, the work remained unfinished. 实际上,工作还没有完成。?

④ 现在分词?

The children remained listening. 孩子们还在听。?

⑤ 介词短语?

The Indian people remain in deep poverty. 印第安民族仍然处于极度贫困之中。

2. 作不及物动词,意为”剩下”。通常不用于被动语态。?

If you take 3 away from 8, 5 remains. 八减三等于五。?

After the fire, very little remained of the house. 火灾过后,寒舍所剩无几。?

3. 常与there连用,意为”剩下;还有”。?

There remained now only one woman and two children. 现在只剩下一个妇女和两个孩子了。?

There remains a still more difficult task for us to accomplish. 还有一项更艰巨的任务需要我们完成。?

4. remain后也可接被动结构的不定式,意为”尚待……”。?

Whether it will do us harm or good remains to be seen. 它对我们是有害还是有益还得等着瞧。?

It remains to be seen whether you are right. 你是否正确,以后可见分晓。?

5. 其形容词形式为remaining,意为”剩下的”。?

The remaining students will serve the audience. 剩下的学生将为观众们服务。

The remaining 10 computers belong to me. 剩下的10台电脑是我的。?

6. 其名词形式为remains,意为”剩余物;(古建筑等的)遗址”。?

Linda drank up the remains of her coffee. 琳达把剩下的咖啡喝得一干二净。?

The remains of the ancient temple are worth seeing. 那座古庙的遗址值得一看。?


1. remain in逗留在某地;呆在家里。?

It is said that they remain in Shanghai. 据说他们仍在上海。?

We remained in because of the heavy rain. 大雨如注,我们只好闭门不出。?

2. remain on停留在……上。?

His English remains on only a spoken level. 他的英语水平还只是停留在口头上。?

The quality of the product still remains on this kind of level in this com-?

pany. 这个公司的产品质量仍停留在这种水平上。?

3. remain up超过就寝时间仍然不睡。?

The boy remained up because he was looking forward to his mother’s coming back. 那个男孩盼望着他母亲回来,所以他还没有睡。


定语 the remaining cigarette

He remains sitting.

He remains seated.

She remains a student.

It remains to be seen.

The boy remained silent.

They are allowed to remain in England.虽然我很聪明,但这么说真的难到我了

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