It is true that thinking is important in learning.是说这种形式的吗?


WISH 后跟的是虚拟语态,表达方式就是要“降一级”:如果前面用一般现在时的,WISH后就要用一般过去式;如果前面用过去式的,WISH后面就要用过去完成时。句子的时态是按照WISH的时态来确定,如果是 I wish 就是一般现在时,如果是 I wished 就是一般过去时。


immagine 及物动词,想象,可以直接接宾语。immagine sth;也可以接从句,immagine that 从句;也可以说成immagine…as…



含义:设想我长大(后)…Image sth

Image doing sth

Image that


Image my grown upimagine的用法

imagine vt.

①imagine that / what clause,后接that或what引导的宾语从句。

②imagine (sb/sb’s)doing想象(某人)做某事

③imagine sb. / sth. (to be) adj. / as + n. / prep. 后接复合宾语, 即宾语+宾语补足语, 宾语补足语通常是由不定式(to be)加形容词或as加名词构成的。

eg.①you can imagine the situation there. 你可以想象那里的情况。

②i can’t imagine what he looks like. 我想象不出他是什么长相。

③don’t imagine yourself to be always correct. 不要以为自己总是对。

④ i can’t imagine walking all the way to the north pole. 我无法想象怎样一路走到北极去。

⑤try to imagine living on the moon. 想象生活在月球上。imagine my growing up


imagine [i’m?d?in] vt. 想像;猜想;臆断

vi. 想像;猜想;想像起来

[ 过去式imagined 过去分词imagined 现在分词imagining ]

The boy likes to imagine himself an astronaut.


I could imagine having an adventure with them.


Imagine a piece of music which expresses love.


You can imagine that we have a new cable and IT staffer .


IMAGINE that you are invited to lunch at Oxford University.


Let’s imagine tying a rope to a tree and yanking the free end up and down.


More important, imagine what would have happened, in the absence of the euro.


Imagine, by contrast, an elastic band that passes through the hole in a doughnut.


They asked amnesia patients in a study to imagine new experiences and then describe them.


“I cannot imagine that this would be unsolvable, ” said a fund manager based in Shanghai.


We can take the mysterious, hazy future and carve out of it anything that we can imagine.


The researchers asked all of the men in the study to imagine themselves in different situations.


I can imagine that a person with a service heart might wish he or she did not have a service heart.


We all know or we think we know what race is, but in fact that question is much more subtle than most people imagine.


Those who fondly imagine that success in banking can remain an uninterrupted path to untold riches should think again.


Russians were astonished by Mr Obama’s election. They could not imagine that American voters would elect a black president.

俄罗斯人对于奥巴马当选感到吃惊。他们无法想象美国人会选出一位黑人总统。imagine i.mag.ine ahd:[1-m2j“1n] d.j.[i6m#d9in] k.k.[!6m#d9!n] v.(动词) i.mag.ined,, i.mag.ines及物动词) to form a mental picture or image of. 想象:在头脑中形成某事物的图象或形象 to think; conjecture: 想;设想: i imagine you’re right. 我猜你是对的 to have a notion of or about without adequate foundation; fancy: 猜想:在没有充分根据的情况下形成一个想法;幻想: she imagines herself to be a true artist. 她幻想自己成了一个真正的艺术家 v.intr.(不及物动词) to employ the imagination. 想象:运用想象力 to make a guess; conjecture. 猜想;推测 imag“iner n.(名词) imagine [i5madvin] vt. -gined, -gining 想象 imagine you’ve been shipwrecked. 想象你遭遇到了船舶失事。 try to imagine a jet which is more than seventy meters long and more than five stories high at the tail. “试着想像一下一架喷气式飞机长七十多米,尾部比五层楼还要高。” 以为;假想 i imagine him as a big tall man. 我以为他是个高大的人。 he imagines that people don’t believe him. 他总是认为人们不信任他。imagine + doing sth.或者 + one’s doing sth.

如果用imagine oneself,则后边用 to do sth.

Can you imagine living with such a boring man?

Can you imagine yourself to live with such a boring man?

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