Everyone has his own dream, and a lovely little animal is no exception. But everyone’s dream is different. Some people want to be knowledgeable scientists; Some people want to be inventors for the benefit of mankind; Others want to be a loyal people’s policeman… I also have a simple and ordinary dream, that is, to be a people’s teacher.

In my opinion, teaching is a sacred and noble profession; If we are flowers, teachers are hard gardeners; We are birds, the teacher is the boundless sky; We are fish, the teacher is the wide sea… From the first day of school, we get along with the teacher day and night and wander in the world of knowledge. The teacher’s teachings moisten us like rain and dew, and let the flowers of knowledge bloom brightly in our hearts.

After a semester of hard work, the two teachers in our class finally brought them fruitful results. At this time, the teacher felt a warm current in his heart, a sense of pride and happiness. At this time, I think being a teacher is very great.

I think, to be a glorious teacher, you can teach what you have learned in your life on the three foot podium; How happy and desirable it is to be able to watch their students grow up happily every day! If one day, I will become a people’s teacher. I will dedicate my value to students of high and low status. However, if you want to be an excellent teacher, I think you should start from now on, from every little thing. Develop good habits of elegance, amity and tolerance; In normal study and life, be strict with yourself, and be good at discovering the advantages of others and learning from each other; Always ready to fight for the cause of education for life!

Without a dream, a person will have no goal, no driving force, no road ahead and no bright future. No dream, like a bird without wings, can’t fly freely in the sky. Have a dream, let us see the hope of the future. Having a dream is half success. Dreams depend on their own firm faith and perseverance. They can come true only through hard work. Therefore, in order to realize this dream, from now on, I will work hard for my dream!

Everyone has their own dreams, maybe more than one. Dreams are the driving force for our progress!

There is also a dream in my heart. It deeply buries a seed pregnant with my ideal, which takes root and sprouts in the bottom of my heart.

My dream is to be a writer and a children’s fairy tale writer like Zheng Yuanjie, the king of fairy tales. Since I went to school, I like the Chinese course more and more, so I like the reading course. In this way, reading makes me find this kind of ideal buried for a long time.

After the first grade, I gradually understood the charm of the composition. In class, I had to listen to the teacher carefully. When I knew the word detail, I understood that if I wanted to write a good composition, I had to grasp the details in order to write my true feelings. Since then, I have to find the details of the article every time, grasp the core of the article and make my article more wonderful. Under the class, I read extra-curricular books, understand the contents of the author’s articles, and accumulate the essence of others to make my articles more beautiful.

In these four years of study and life, I found that my favorite reading category is fairy tales, which is the work of Zheng Yuanjie, the king of fairy tales. What attracts my attention most is the strange and fresh fairy tale world described in the book. Because fairy tales can bring me into a new world I have never lived in the future, everything makes me feel like entering the alien kingdom. Imagine the future story, imagine the stories of the small members in the stationery country, and imagine how the master’s tools can help the master get rid of bad habits. These fantasies turn into compositions one after another… From then on, I fell in love with fairy tales.

Occasionally, I saw the “Pipilu” series and “luxisi” series of fairy tales by Zheng Yuanjie, the king of fairy tales, in the library. I fell in love with these two sets of books and made me want to be a fairy tale writer like Zheng Yuanjie, the king of fairy tales.

Chinese, let me like reading, reading let me write good articles, good articles let me read the works of the fairy tale king. In short, at the bottom of my heart, there is an ideal kind of being a writer!

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