The spring festival air is cold with warm, the sun is warm, people are warm, and the heart is warm. The street is full of new year goods, like walking in a pleasant Tianjie. The people on the Tianjie Street seem to be busy. I think they are humming New Year’s songs like me. They are happy.

I like Spring Festival fireworks best.

It was quite a while before the Chinese new year, I turned to the calendar and asked my parents, “have you bought the fireworks? Have you bought the Spring Festival couplets?…” if not, I would take them to the fireworks store, pick the largest box and take a bundle of fireworks sticks. This is the simple and pure beauty of my childhood. The Spring Festival is a festival of extraordinary significance to the Chinese people. People slow down from their busy pace. There are several relatives and friends, a table of good dishes, a chat, a piece of fireworks and a hometown. I am in this festival, some excited, some nervous, some moved. I’ll never forget my favorite fireworks. On New Year’s Eve when I was a child, I like to lie down in the window to see whose fireworks are big, and I like to listen to whose firecrackers sound on the night of the first day of the new year. It’s the loudest and loudest in my family.

I like the year of the rooster because it is my life year. Early in the morning, I changed into the new clothes I had already prepared and went to pay New Year’s greetings to my elders. My grandparents gave me two big red envelopes. My mother and aunts were busy in the steaming kitchen. The sound of “Deng Deng Deng” cutting vegetables, the crying of my little nephew, the news broadcast my grandfather liked, and my father’s laughter of playing mahjong with his relatives and friends… Merged into the Spring Festival Symphony. What a fresh and familiar new year’s Eve. A table of good dishes on the stage represents the best food of the Spring Festival – chicken legs. Don’t give it to me anymore. Clip it to my nephew. This is also the growth of the Spring Festival, isn’t it?

After dinner, clusters of fireworks rise in the night sky, like the Milky Way hanging in the air, flowing forever. The general park is full of people and sparks. The neighbor’s child lit a fireworks stick. What curled up was human fireworks. I walked along a comfortable path in the countryside, holding my father’s hand. The lights in the windows of people’s houses on both sides were bright, and the light on my head was blooming. The crackling sound was received by the moonlight, and came out from the soft clouds. It was very nice to hear. I looked up at the sky. They were fireworks, sparks, happiness and hard work gathered by thousands of families. They all belonged to the Chinese people, a simple and extraordinary Spring Festival. The light that stays in the heart can be touched with your hand; The warm future will always guard us.






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