In a forest, there is a tall tree. There is a strong bird’s nest on the tree. A bird lives in it. The bird and the tree are inseparable good friends.

One year, a very cold winter suddenly came. A homeless bird Huahua flew over to the tree and asked, “can I live here?” the tree readily agreed. From then on, they became good friends. The bird thought: Dashu helped me in my most difficult time. I should help it when it is in trouble. Good friends should help each other.

One day, uncle Dashu was ill. His leaves all over his body were withered and yellow. A breeze blew, his leaves fell to the ground, and he kept moaning. When the bird Huahua heard it, she hurried over and asked with concern and worry, “Uncle Dashu, what’s the matter with you? What’s wrong? Can you use me to cure you?” Dashu said weakly, “I seem to be ill and my stomach hurts very much. Huahua, can you cure me?” “no problem.” Huahua agreed happily. It flew to the belly of Uncle tree, knocked around, found a place, carefully cut a small hole, and found several big and fat insects biting the tree! Huahua quickly put her mouth into the small hole, picked up the bug and swallowed it. Uncle Dashu said gratefully, “thank you so much, Huahua!” “this is what I should do. Friends should help each other.”

Since then, the friendship between big trees and birds has become deeper. They accompany and take care of each other and live happily.

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