‘Global leaders should import the liquid from India’



People lined up for their share of cow urine being poured from kettles into ‘kulhads’, at a ‘gaumutra party’ (cow urine party) here organised by Swami Chakrapani, the president of the Akhil Bharat Hindu Mahasabha.

The event began with a ‘yagna’ and prayers to the cow and the virus itself, asking it to leave peacefully and not kill any more people. A large poster in the backdrop depicted an avatar of Hindu god Narsingh as the virus.

虽然目前全球的科学家还在不懈的寻找治疗新冠肺炎的方法,但是最近有印度神棍出来搞了点幺蛾子,这位大师是印度Akhil Bharat Hindu Mahasabha教的教主名叫Swami Chakrapani,这位教主近日组织了一场牛尿派对,现场人们着拿杯子排队等待教主会将壶里的牛尿倒给他们。派对开始前人们要先对牛和病毒祷告,其实是一张大海报,上面有印度教的一个神Narsingh,他被描绘成了病毒,人们祈祷病毒退散不要再夺走更多生命。

At the event, Chakrapani claimed that COVID-19 is an “avatar” that has “come to punish those who eat non-vegetarian food.”

Asking for forgiveness from the virus on behalf of meat eaters, he pledged that Indians will never eat meat again. “Coronavirus has come because of the people who kill and eat animals. When you kill an animal, it creates a sort of energy that causes destruction in that place,” said Chakprapani at the event.

“They (global leaders) should get cow urine imported from India because the almighty resides only in the Indian cow and not in any foreign breed,” he said.


His comments came even as the Centre has asked people not to pay attention to “false rumours” that the COVID-19 was spreading through non-vegetarian food like eggs, chicken, mutton and seafood.


Union Fisheries, Dairying and Animal Husbandry Minister Giriraj Singh told reporters on March 6 the World Organisation for Animal Health as well as Indian food safety regulator FSSAI have said there was no scientific evidence to prove transmission of coronavirus from animals to humans.


“The false rumour has hit thousands of farmers engaged in this business. The livelihood of farmers and the people engaged in the entire value chain have been affected. I humbly request people not to fall prey to such rumours,” the minister had said.

While medical practitioners across the world have said there is no cure as such for coronavirus, Chakrapani claimed that cow urine is the “only cure” for COVID-19 and requested global leaders to consume the “miracle liquid” and lead by example in the fight against the contagious viral disease.

虽然全球医学从业者都说了没有新冠肺炎的特效疗法, Chakrapani 却称牛尿是COVID-19是唯一药方,要求全球领导人的以身示范喝牛尿抗肺炎。我们国家所有官员都喝牛尿,只不过他们是在私下里喝和病的时候喝,这样做没有效,牛尿应该天天喝才能控制疾病。我们领导人对这种上天恩赐感到羞耻,牛尿是天然的灵药,人人都应该喝它。我请求全世界的领导人天天喝牛尿,你们手下的科学家都不知道这个药,我们拥有上天给予的灵药。

“All our leaders and officials consume ‘gaumutra’ But they do so behind closed doors and when they are sick. It doesn’t work like that,” he said, insisting that cow urine should be consumed on a daily basis to keep diseases at bay.

“They (leaders) are ashamed of the gift gods have given us. Cow urine is pure elixir. Every person should drink it.”

The event began with a ‘yagna’ and prayers to the cow and the virus itself, asking it to leave peacefully and not kill any more people. A large poster in the backdrop depicted an avatar of Hindu god Narsingh as coronavirus.

Chakrapani emphasised that global leaders should import ‘gau mutra’ from India as the cow giving the “miracle elixir” must be of an Indian breed only.

“I request all the presidents and prime ministers of the world to take cow urine on a daily basis. You have all these scientists who don’t know the cure, we have the cure given to us by the gods,” he claimed.

Kriti Bhushan, former DG of Directorate General of Health Services, told PTI there is no scientific evidence behind claims that cow urine can cure coronavirus. “In medical science, we only call something a cure after testing it on a 100 people or more. This is a unilateral claim and has no basis to it. In fact, currently there’s no cure available for coronavirus. A lot of scientists are continuously working to find a solution,” he said.

Rajesh Sharma, a vol印度卫生服务总局前负责人说,没有科学证据支持牛尿可以治疗新冠肺炎,在医学界,我们只有经过100人个以上的测试后才可能确立某种疗法,这是单方面宣称的疗法毫无根据可言。unteer at the event, vouched for its “miraculous” properties while offering the drink to others around him.

“You have just one glass today and by tomorrow morning you will know the difference. Gaumutra can cure all diseases, I can give it to you in writing,” Sharma claimed.

Savita, a housewife from Paschim Vihar, came all the way to attend the ‘gaumutra party’

“I drink gaumutra on a daily basis, there is nothing healthier than this. Everyone in my family drinks it,” she said while sipping from a glass full of cow urine.




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