What is the difference between goods and articles?

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In short, commodities with circulation, sales and trading products in the market can be generally called commodities. Products that are not traded or traded in the market can only be goods strictly speaking.

For example, if the steamed buns produced by our own family are sold on the market, they can be regarded as commodities. If the production is self-sufficient, steamed buns that are not sold on the market cannot be called commodities. There are also self-made handicrafts or handicrafts. If they are used to give gifts to people, they are gifts for their own use, and goods sold in the market. The attribute of a commodity is to exchange things for things or things for money of the same value. Without this process, a product will not have the function of a commodity. At most, it is an article.

Another example is the products produced by the factory. Only qualified products can be sold on the market, so this product is a commodity. If it is a defective product, it will be treated as waste. Defective products with recycling value also have their value. Even if they are disposed of as waste products, they also complete the attributes of commodities. The difference is that they are different from the value of qualified products.

Sometimes goods can be turned into goods, and goods can also be converted into goods. For example, items for personal use are all inclusive. They are all converted from commodities for personal use. If they are no longer sold, they will lose the circulation attribute of commodities and become goods. If some items are sold as second-hand goods, then the items are converted into commodities.


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