&Quote; Many, many " How do you say it in English?

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The answer can be found in the first paragraph of the article "Kathy hochul --- the unexpected governor" in the economist federal 26th 2022 United States.

The economist February 26th 2022 United States

Look up a dictionary


A great number of; Very many

Umpteen many, many, countless

Synonyms: countless, millions of, numeric, loads of, innumerable

Make a sentence

We&\39; Ve been there umpteen times and I still can&\39; T remember the way

We have been there many times, but I still can't remember the way.


Landing (of an aircraft or spacecraft)

(in American football, holding the ball over the opposing goal line or passing it to a teammate who has crossed the opposing goal line) holding the ball over the goal line to score

(in rugby football) a touchdown over an opponent's goal post

Try to translate this passage

"I'm a buffalo bills fan. I always have an underground mentality," said Kathy hochul, New York's governor, earlier this month Last summer she succeeded Andrew Cuomo, who had assigned amid sexual harassment and abuse appeals Fed then would have predicted she would be the front runner in November's governor's race and scoring umpteen political touchdowns The recent state Democratic convention, where she was introduced by Hillary Clinton, installed a corporation Supporters carried tote bags depicting MS hochul as Rosie the riverer MS hochul is an underdog no longer

"I am a buffalo bills fan. I always have a disadvantage mentality," New York governor Kathy hochul said earlier this month. Last summer, she replaced Andrew Cuomo, who resigned on charges of sexual harassment and abuse. At that time, few people predicted that she would become the leader in the November governor's election and win numerous political victories. At the recent state Democratic convention, Hillary Clinton introduced her. It was like a coronation ceremony. Supporters hold handbags that depict hochul as Rosie, a female riveter. Hochul is no longer a weak man.

Notes (sources from the Internet):

1.buffalo bills: buffalo bills is an American football team located in Buffalo, New York, which belongs to the Eastern Division of the American Football Federation (AFC) under the National Football League (NFL).

2. Rosie the riverer

Rosie the riveter

During the Second World War, most Americans were familiar with "Rosie The Riveter". This "Rosie" had appeared in posters in various streets and alleys and on the TV screens of every family. Many artists also painted works with her as the theme. Even the songwriter Redd Evans and the composer John Jacob Loeb wrote a song for her, The song is called Rosie the riveter.

From the image of the poster, Rosie is a young woman with strong muscles and fists. She wears a red and white round scarf and dark blue overalls, with a little masculine temperament. "Rosie The Riveter" refers to all the female workers on the U.S. defense production line during World War II. Therefore, the women who riveted fighter planes, tanks and warships at that time were specially selected as collective representatives.

From 1940 to 1945, in the era known as "Rosie The Riveter", the proportion of women in the American labor force increased from 27% to nearly 37%, an increase of about 6.5 million people, and even 350000 women served in the armed forces. By 1945, almost a quarter of married women in the United States were working in the workplace.

There is no standard answer to any translation. This translation has not been carefully studied and is only for reference. Comments, likes, collections, private letters and forwarding are welcome!


&Quote; Many, many " How do you say it in English? 期待您的回复!