It takes 17 minutes every day to pull the child's English from 70 to 110! 2000 words accumulated in vocabulary

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Children's English hovers around 70 points, and they can't recite words, which is mostly related to the way they can't do problems. If you want to make English 110, but do not master problem-solving skills, most of the efforts to the end, or no results!

The mother in Nanjing explained that her child has been learning English very hard since she entered junior high school, usually between 70 and 80. Although she also wants to study hard, she is always like a "layman" and can't touch the threshold of correct learning methods.

At that time, I had to struggle to memorize words, but the problem was that I consciously memorized a lot. Who knows that a mountain is still higher than a mountain. There are still so many new words and uncertain fixed collocations in the reading completion type, which led to the wrong answers in the exam and the failure to get high scores.

No way, I can only search the learning video online to see how to make children learn the correct learning methods of English and improve their grades.

I didn't understand until I found the "reading punch in": if words are a cornerstone of learning English, then the method of doing questions is also another cornerstone of learning English. Only by mastering the internal logic of reading and the way of proposition, and mastering the corresponding special ideas and methods of doing questions, can we stabilize English at about 110!

Therefore, we decisively asked the children to participate in the training of reading and punching cards. For 17 minutes every day, we insisted on reciting 10 words and practicing a reading and punching card. We actually learned how to do questions, practiced how to disassemble question types, summarized each English knowledge point, and took good notes. The children soon applied their learning skills to the examination papers, and their English was raised from more than 70 to 110.

Finally, share the "reading comprehension framework" in the reading punch in training

1. [two verses and one tail] theme method

Two songs and one ending "define the theme": the first paragraph + the first sentence of each paragraph + the end = what does this article say? It has nothing to do with the subject. It must be the wrong answer

2. [theme problem solving] if you can solve a problem with a theme, you can directly select and change the answer. The principles are as follows: most of the answers related to the topic are correct,

3. [markedness] on the basis of understanding the meaning of the sentence, some key words are marked as hints, which can improve the accuracy of problem solving. Reduce the load of new information on the brain.

Finally, share the steps to learn to read:

1. Topic (all correct options must be related to the topic)

2. Sentence paragraph relation (all blanks must be judged by relation, not by intuition)

3. Theme is the core of an article. Every article has a theme, and you can do it if you find the theme; The correct answer is related to the topic; The wrong answer must have nothing to do with the subject.

4. Find the topic = there is still 50% distance from the full score. You need to read the topic + relationship, but you don't need to finish it. Words are not the reason that prevents us from being all right.

Teacher's conclusion: success cannot be copied, but there are traces to follow! With the thinking training of the problem setter and the punch card of vocabulary, the performance can be significantly improved in one month. Only by sticking to it in the right way can we see the effect. For middle school students, reading punch in is a very good English learning method that can not only improve their vocabulary but also their comprehensive ability.

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It takes 17 minutes every day to pull the child's English from 70 to 110! 2000 words accumulated in vocabulary 期待您的回复!