战争与和平 War and peace英文读后感


英语读后感:战争与和平 War and peace

战争与和平 War and peace英文读后感

It took me ten days to finish reading this book

“War and peace” is a magnificent work, it centers on the issue of war, with the lives of the four noble families of kuragin, Paul konsky, raustov, beerzhuhov as a clue, showing the first 15 years of Russian history in the 19th century, depicting the life of all classes.

All kinds of characters depicted in the works are very accurate, and the scenery is as if in front of the eyes. Although the works are from the 19th century, they have been handed down to the present day, but they still cherish the truth. To Paul Christian okonsky, don’t ZuHuoFu, rostov, four noble family in west China in the war and peace s life for plot clues, vividly shows from 1805 to 1820, the Russian President allied with the French army at the battle of austerlitz, napoleon’s army, the French army invaded Russia, Moscow fire rout, and a series of major historical events, the soldiers’ spirit of patriotism and heroism, spectacle, the description is very clear, feel the deepest is that the novel characters are very bright, rich individual character.

Such as Andrew introverted personality, strong will, strong ability to social activities; Pierre was straightforward, emotive, and lacking in physical activity. The heroine, natasha, is a woman full of emotion, vitality, love of nature, with a national temperament. They have been trained and grown up in the war of defending the motherland, and the images of these main characters are of high cognitive value and aesthetic value. The greed, hypocrisy and depravity of the royal aristocracy represented by kuragin are also depicted.

“War and peace” gave me a lot of things, and I have always liked the character of Pierre. He is easygoing, kind-hearted and fond of enjoyment, but he does not have the dignity of a noble Lord. He is always immersed in the spiritual world and seems to be a little lost. All these characteristics make me feel very friendly. Natasha was very lovely, but a little frivolous, and so she gave up her love for Andrea at the temptation of Anatole. Natasha was much calmer and more mature after the baptism of the war, but at the same time she had lost her former vivacity and joy.

Andrea was of a different character; he was cold, intelligent, kind, sensitive, but he often lacked Pierre’s forbearance, and often regretted it. I feel bad about Andre’s death. There are many wonderful scenes in “war and peace” that are worth recalling, such as the scene when natasha and Pierre say goodbye when the rostovs move out of Moscow because of the war. Natasha looked out of the window and greeted Pierre as he hurried by in his untidy clothes. They exchanged a few words, and Pierre, indifferent in his infatuation with natasha and in his consideration of his situation, at last waved goodbye to natasha. “to-morrow, no! Good-bye, good-bye.” Then he stopped and fell behind the carriage. Natasha, for a moment, put her head out of the window and smiled at Pierre with a kind, happy smile. This paragraph particularly moved me, although the conversation between them is very simple, almost nothing special, but I can still feel the shadow of the war between people rely on the truth. Especially Pierre’s words: “tomorrow, no! Good-bye, good-bye.”

More valuable. It seemed to him that this separation, the day that he and natasha would never see each other again, that the war was drawing near, and that the morrow was uncertain, that he had uttered these words, which seemed so unexpected but so painful.

I hope you have a look at the book “war and peace” when you are free.












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