飘 Gone with the Wind英文读后感


英语读后感:飘 Gone with the Wind

飘 Gone with the Wind英文读后感

The novel is set in north Georgia during the American civil war, 1861-1865, and later when southern plantation owners fought the yankees for the right to own slaves. They lost the war, suffered countless loss of life in the process, and the romantic plantation life described in the first few chapters of the novel was destroyed. During this period, the characters experience a transition from a carefree life of picnics and parties (under the toil of slaves) to a life of subsistence and hard work and, finally, a return to prosperity.

About scarlett o ‘hara and her bravery

Scarlett o ‘hara is a spoiled social beauty with “black eyelashes up” — I love that description! – she used it to attract men. Living with her sisters and parents on their plantation and with dozens of slaves, including their black housekeeper, she was considered (at the time) part of as many families as possible and played an important role in scarlett’s life. The story centers on scarlett’s life during the civil war and the characters she interacts with.

The book begins with the heroine, 17-year-old miss scarlett o ‘hara, flirting with the best abilities of the tarleton twins, handsome twins on the porch of tara, her plantation home, about to go to war, because of its seriousness and berating the ruins of her very interesting ability to attend parties and have lovers. I mention the first page because it encapsulates the nature of the whole novel. Scarlett o ‘hara is a spoiled, selfish beauty with great power over men and a longing for the good things in life. Knowing this, you can see why she makes seemingly absurd choices throughout the novel.

Throughout the novel, scarlett makes terrible decisions, such as marrying the shy, nervous Charles Hamilton (Melanie’s brother) because ASHLEY has the nerve to marry Melanie. She soon discovered that married life was not what it was supposed to be, and that she could no longer flirt freely. When Charles died in the war, things got worse, and scarlett was doomed to be a widow for years, dressed in black and not dancing. To make matters worse, she was pregnant with her first child, a fact she despised. Scarlett, however, was not a person to be held down for long, and she soon rebelled against the constraints of society. Pushed by rhett, she danced and wore colorful clothes during the mourning period.

Later, as the guns of war closed in on scarlett and her comrades, she showed incredible resilience and strength, delivering Melanie’s baby alone in the fall of Atlanta and assuming responsibility for tara. She proved to be a sound and resourceful businesswoman, who could make difficult decisions when they needed to.

You can’t help liking scarlett. She is selfish, vain, manipulative, deceived, hopelessly stupid, but she is also a very lively, loyal, strong person who will say what she wants to say and do what she wants to do, no matter what influence she has on others. Over and over again in fiction, you find yourself thinking, “no, don’t do that!” “But you know she would have done it anyway.











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